NAHAVIWEL Welding Electrodes NB-421
NAHAVIWEL Welding Electrodes NB-421

NAHAVIWEL Welding Electrodes NB-421

Product code: NB-421 4.0


Origin: Việt Nam

Guarantee: 1 năm

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Detailed description


1. Specification

Welding electrode brand NB-421 is high quality, less smoke, stable arc, less spatter, easy-removal slag, deep penetration, beautiful bead, suitable with all position.

2. Classification:

- AWS 5.1-E6013

- JIS Z 321-E4313

- TCVN 3223-E432

Approved by Vietnam Register: QCVN 21:2010/BGTVT – MW2/KMW2; QCVN 67:2013/BGTVT

3. Usage:

The product ranges are best suited with low carbon steel and low alloy steel structures, such as: shipbuilding, barge, high-pressured tank, pre-fabricated engineering, machine parts, bridges, etc.

4. Safety alert:
Smoke and gas can harm your health. Arc ray can cause irritation for eyes or burning skin. Electrical shock can kill. Welders are seriously advised to wear fully protective gear and not to touch on-going electrical devices.

Humid sticks can generate more smoke, more spatter, un-stability, porosity.

Better preheat products at 100oC - 150oC before welding.

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