Warranty Policy


1. Regulations on products with free warranty

Products are warranted free of charge when the following conditions are met:

- Products are still under warranty and registered for warranty (from the date stated on the invoice and the goods receipt)
- The warranty period is still stated on the warranty card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems.
- The product is damaged due to components in the machine or because the manufacturer must have the purchase invoice, the delivery note of Nahaviwel.
- The machine number and seal on the product are intact, not torn or lost
- The machine number on the product, on the purchase invoice and the delivery note must be the same

2. Regulations  on products not covered by free warranty
- The product has expired the warranty period stated on the coupon or lost the warranty card.
- Use not in accordance with the manual, use the wrong voltage indicated on the product.
- The warranty seal is torn, broken, over-glued or modified.
- Warranty card does not specify the serial number and date of purchase.
- The serial number on the product is wrong (or blurred, unrecognizable) compared to the warranty card.
- Products damaged due to external influences such as falling, breaking, impact, scratches, dents, damp, rust, water or fire, natural disasters, insect intrusion.
- Free equipment spare parts attached to the machine.
- The product shows signs of being repaired before bringing it to Tanador or the company.

Any questions please contact:

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Phone: +84-934650438

Email: info@nahaviwel.com

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