NAHAVIWEL Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes NB-308
NAHAVIWEL Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes NB-308

NAHAVIWEL Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes NB-308

Product code: NB-308L


Origin: Việt Nam

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Detailed description


1. Specification

Welding electrode brand NB-308 is high lime-titanium type, low hydro content, added with other precious elements, like: Chromium, Nickel, Rare Earth…it has high acid anti-corrosion and excellent mechanical property, perfectly used to weld stainless steel structures, like SUS 304, SUS 308…

With excellent mechanical property, it can be used in structure of massive weight and high corrosion.

The weldment is brightness, smooth surface, easy-to-strike arc, less smoke, less spatter, stable arc, easy-removal slag, deep penetration, beautiful bead, suitable with all position.

2. Classification:

- AWS A5.4 – E308-16

- JIS Z 3221 – ES308-16

- EN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 R 1 2

3. Usage:

This product is suitable for stainless steel pipes in oil refineries, chemical plant, oil and gas industries, first-aid instruments, household tools, chemical tank, balcony and handrails…

Better preheat products at 200oC or more within 40 - 60 minutes before welding.

Keep base welds at reasonable interval and bevel at correct technical requirements to guarantee deep penetration.

Clean up the weld base surface carefully, removing all oil stain, rust…

Fine-tune the current according to direction to get deep penetrated bead, high-speed welding. Always keep arc length as short as possible.

4. Safety alert:
Smoke and gas can harm your health. Arc ray can cause irritation for eyes or burning skin. Electrical shock can kill. Welders are seriously advised to wear fully protective gear and not to touch on-going electrical devices.

Humid sticks can generate more smoke, more spatter, un-stability, porosity.



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