Operating instructions for Bosch cutting machine

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Bosch is the most popular cutting machine in civil constructions due to it's accuracy and convenience for use. There are some instructions should be noted in usage, transport and storage to ensure highest efficiency of Bosch cutting machine.

Instructions in use:

Please follow strictly to the operation manual on the machune to ensure durability of the machine and safety to the user. Especially it is vital to choose object at proper size, neither too big or too small. Accessaries such as cuttig discs, handle, etc are also very important because they affect directly to the accuracy as well as life of the machine.

Instructions in use:

- Please always transport the machine by the handle. Check the handle lock before transport

- The machine should be moved by 2 people to avoid any hurt in the back and ensure safety for carrier.

Instructions in Storage:

- Use Bosch cutting machine in proper application and do not overuse the machine.

- Use soft brush to regularly clean venting slot of the machine (cleaning after 3-4 shots). If possible, use a dust collector to clean venting slot and install auto switch for the machine.

- Check all the parts of the machine frequently to see if they are running wrong or get stuck, broken that may cause harm to the machine. If there is some malfuctions, please have the machine repaired right away.

- Ensure safe storage of cuttinng machine with sharpe edges.


Instructions in Repair and Warranty:

- It is strongly advised to use genuine parts and accessories during repair is very essential and will affect to durability of Bosch cutting machine.

- When necessary, please send Bosch cutting machine to Bosch Warranty Centre to have it checked and repaired with genuine parts and accessories. Besides, Bosch team will also give good consultancy for you to understand well the  situation of the machine and know how to use it more wisely.

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