Welding flux NAHAVIWEL NB-F7A2
Welding flux NAHAVIWEL NB-F7A2

Welding flux NAHAVIWEL NB-F7A2

Product code: NB-F7A2


Origin: Việt Nam

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Detailed description

Welding flux NAHAVIWEL NB-F7A2:


Welding flux NB-F7A2 is equivalent with American standard of AWS A5.17: EM12K (F7A2). This is Aluminium Acid - Rutile based material, in form of round black bead of dimension of 2.0 ~ 0.28mm (sieve 10-60 inch). Its weldability is wonderfull with stable arc, easy removalable slag and beautiful welding bead, welded metal can bear high impact at low temperature. It can be used with AC or DC. When using DC, welding wire need to be connected with positive electrode. 

Welding flux NB-F7A2 is together with Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) NB-EM12, used in C steel struture and low alloy steel, such us: steam boiler, high-pressured pipe, etc. 

Usage direction:
Pre-heat welding flux at temperature of 300-3500C in 02 hours before welding. 
Clean welded metal before welding.

Safety alert:
Smoke and gas can harm your health. Arc ray can cause irritation for eyes or kin burning. Electrical shock can kill. Welders are requetsed to wear proctective gear at right position of eye, ear and body, never touch on on-going electrical instruments.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Chemical composition (%):

SiO2 + TiO2

Al2O+ MnO




25 ~ 35

50 ~ 60

3 ~ 10

≤ 0.06

≤ 0.08

Mechanical property:


Tensile strength

Yield strength



Normal temperature

(J/- 200C)


≥ 510

≥ 400

≥ 22

≥ 50

≥ 27



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